Alberto BedogniRodolfo MauceriVittorio FuscoFrancesco BertoldoGiordana BettiniOlga Di FedeAntonio Lo CastoClaudio MarchettiVera PanzarellaGiorgia SaiaPaolo VescoviGiuseppina Campisi



This paper aims to describe the 2023 update position paper on MRONJ developed by the Italian Societies of Oral Pathology and Medicine (SIPMO) and of Maxillofacial Surgery (SICMF).


This is the second update following the 2013 and 2020 Italian position papers by the Expert panel, which is a representation of the two scientific societies (SIPMO and SICMF).

The paper is based on an extensive analysis of the available literature from January 2003 to February 2020, and the subsequent review of literature conducted between March 2020 and December 2022 to include all new relevant published papers to confirm or modify the previous set of recommendations.


This position paper highlights the main issues of MRONJ on risk estimates, disease definition, diagnostic pathway, individual risk assessment, and the fundamental role of imaging in the diagnosis, classification, and management of MRONJ.


The Expert Panel confirmed the MRONJ definition, the diagnostic work-up, the clinical-radiological staging system and the prophylactic drug holiday, as recognized by SIPMO-SICMF; while, it presented novel indications regarding the categories at risk of MRONJ, the prevention strategies, and the treatment strategies associated with the therapeutic drug holiday.

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